Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ride To Shivthar Ghal

Riders: - Yatin (Pulsar 220) Amit (CBZ Xtreme) Rohit (FZ16)

 “If you don’t ride in rains you don’t ride”. We planned a ride to Shithar Ghal on 9th September 2012. We all set to ride on Sunday. The plan is like will start riding at 6:00 am reach Shivthar Ghal till 10:00 AM 10:45 will start returning to Pune.
On The Way To Shivthar Ghal
We met at Chandni Chowk, Pune at 6:15 had tea and started riding towards Bhor. We were riding at 80-90 KM/H, road was clean till Bhor. Then we took SH70 as it was morning time and its connection to many small villages is known to us. But the condition of road being bad we were riding at 70 KM/H.
Climate, surroundings was very pleasant. It was raining, roads full of potholes, mud, and sand bike was skidding in every corner somehow we are managing it to maintain speed. After completing almost 100KMS we needed break and luckily saw one Chai Tapari, where we had tea and started riding.
Shivthar Ghal Waterfall
Shivthar Ghal was more 20kms away, roads full of fog and sharp corners we were hardly able to view corners. This increased the fun in riding. After clearing few kms fog had settled down and roads were clear which motivated us to increase our speed. Not to mention about the awesome waterfalls, greenery all around the mountains making more energetic and refreshed.
Varandha Ghat started it’s really amazing - rains, fog, good roads beautiful nature we all are riding in 80-90 KM/H. There is sharp right turn to Shivthar Ghal. We thought road will be same as Varandha Ghat but it was not so, road was really bad. It’s complete off-roading from Varandha Ghat to Shivtarghal. 7-8 KM of off-roading and we finally reached Shivthar Ghal.
Shivthar Ghal is known for Waterfall and caves. Nature around Shivthar Ghal is overwhelming. As we had to return early to Pune, we had just 30 min break and started riding back to Pune. We clicked photos in Varandha Ghat then and decided to ride nonstop till Pune. We all were riding at 80-90. We reached at 1:45 PM.
Varandha Ghat
Varandha Ghat
That was short, awesome and a refreshing ride.

Photo Credit:- Myself (Rohit Mule)

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