Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ride To Ellora Caves

Me and Pankaj Kulkarni were planning to ride somewhere in weekend. Suddenly we planned to visit Ellora Caves. We packed our bags and geared up for ride. 

Ride Map :-

Yamaha FZ- 16

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ride To Shivthar Ghal

Riders: - Yatin (Pulsar 220) Amit (CBZ Xtreme) Rohit (FZ16)

 “If you don’t ride in rains you don’t ride”. We planned a ride to Shithar Ghal on 9th September 2012. We all set to ride on Sunday. The plan is like will start riding at 6:00 am reach Shivthar Ghal till 10:00 AM 10:45 will start returning to Pune.
On The Way To Shivthar Ghal
We met at Chandni Chowk, Pune at 6:15 had tea and started riding towards Bhor. We were riding at 80-90 KM/H, road was clean till Bhor. Then we took SH70 as it was morning time and its connection to many small villages is known to us. But the condition of road being bad we were riding at 70 KM/H.
Climate, surroundings was very pleasant. It was raining, roads full of potholes, mud, and sand bike was skidding in every corner somehow we are managing it to maintain speed. After completing almost 100KMS we needed break and luckily saw one Chai Tapari, where we had tea and started riding.
Shivthar Ghal Waterfall
Shivthar Ghal was more 20kms away, roads full of fog and sharp corners we were hardly able to view corners. This increased the fun in riding. After clearing few kms fog had settled down and roads were clear which motivated us to increase our speed. Not to mention about the awesome waterfalls, greenery all around the mountains making more energetic and refreshed.
Varandha Ghat started it’s really amazing - rains, fog, good roads beautiful nature we all are riding in 80-90 KM/H. There is sharp right turn to Shivthar Ghal. We thought road will be same as Varandha Ghat but it was not so, road was really bad. It’s complete off-roading from Varandha Ghat to Shivtarghal. 7-8 KM of off-roading and we finally reached Shivthar Ghal.
Shivthar Ghal is known for Waterfall and caves. Nature around Shivthar Ghal is overwhelming. As we had to return early to Pune, we had just 30 min break and started riding back to Pune. We clicked photos in Varandha Ghat then and decided to ride nonstop till Pune. We all were riding at 80-90. We reached at 1:45 PM.
Varandha Ghat
Varandha Ghat
That was short, awesome and a refreshing ride.

Photo Credit:- Myself (Rohit Mule)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pune-Lonavala-Pali-Tamhini-Pune Ride

               18th March 2012, Grand Indian Road Trip Riders was Visiting Pune. All riding group from Pune – Mumbai were coming at Bigwheels Motoring CafĂ© to encourage them. Few to name are COPS (Club of Pune Superbike’s), Team RSA, Road Shakers, and many more... So Utsav Chs and myself decided to visit there. Utsav was waiting for me at Dehu Road Toll Naka. I was riding solo from Pune till Dehu Road then we started riding towards BWMC Lonavala.
                When we reached there, we felt as if we were in heaven; all super bikes were already parked there, we had great time over there. Later on Pankaj also joined us. Had breakfast and decided to return to Pune. Being a Sunday so we are free, thus we decided to go via Tamhini Ghat.  The root is like Lonavala-Khopoli-Pali-Tamhini Ghat-Pune. Assumed it to be will be around 100 kms.
                We started riding towards Khopoli... My bike was not in good condition. So I was riding at 60-70 kmph speed…. Pankaj and Utsav were far away from me and were waiting for me at khopoli. I reached there after 5 min. then we started riding towards Pali.
                Reached Pali had darshan of lord Ganesha. Also had lunch and cold-drinks at Pali. By then It was already 5:30 PM, and we wanted to cross Tamhini Ghat before Sun set which was next to impossible. But still started riding towards tamhini, road was clear not even a single person on road except 3 of us riding our bikes at 80-90KMPH.
                Somewhere we missed the route and no one to guide us …. Finally we found a old age man who told us about we being on wrong way you… we had to ride back 10KMS... ahhhh that was real irritating. We went back and we and headed towards Tamhini Ghat.
                We reached Vile Bhagad MIDC…  MIDC Road is really good 3KMS straight way  we dragged over bike there that was real fun of,  it was around 6:30 PM.  It was getting dark slowly.
                We started riding towards Tamhini. Clicked photographs had fun over there. And it was dark no lights on roads. Tamhini Roads are very bad to ride fast. We just three riders on road and the dark road.  We slowly started heading towards Pune. We found one tracking group who were searching for bus there at night, may be they got late. Had tea and glucose biscuits and moved towards Pune. We reached at Pirangut at 9:30 Fueled petrol. Then started riding towards Pune very fast, and reached Pune around 10 PM. That was really awesome ride. We had heard about Tamhini it’s dangerous in nights but we haven’t felt like that.
                Road map:-
                Riders: - Pankaj Kulkarni, Utsav Chs, Myself (Rohit Mule)
                Photos: By Rohit Mule

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ride to Tapola

           Monsoon is on we were searching for place to ride some were we never had visited before. Almost we had done with all places around Pune, Kolhapur, and Konkan.  We all were searching…. finally got one after few days… Pankaj Kulkarni suggested Tapola. We created event on Facebook, plan was like to start Riding on Saturday 9th June 2012 around 12PM. Overnight Camping plan in Ghats. Sunday early morning start riding towards Tapola reach Tapola and back to Pune by 1:30.
                Response was very poor but anyways we didn’t want to cancel this ride whatever it was. Till 8th June only 5 members were ready to ride on 9th June. So we decided to bring one car 3 Guys will be in car, Utsav Chs and I will ride till Tapola. Couples of changes in the plan till 8th night and finally decided to start riding on June 9th, Saturday at 4.00PM. Was all set for the ride to Tapola, after Aamby Valley Ride.
        We started riding from Chandani Chowk, Pune at dot 4.00 PM.  We both were very fast as we had to reach Mandhar Devi Ghat before sun set. Till Bhor we haven’t stoped bikes, were making noise all the way all were staring to us as if we are aliens. Pankaj was waiting for us in Bhor, had tea at his home. Then we started riding and Driving towards Mandhar Devi Ghat, Roads were really awesome, no traffic, single lane roads, and we both were at 100-120 KMPH. Pankaj was following us in his Alto, trying his best to overtake us… but no luck. We haven’t stopped anywhere for clicking Photos. Cornering all the way as my FZ Cant lean so much as foot peg starts scratching the roads. Pankaj was drifting all the way.
        Roads are getting dark. We haven’t slowed down till Waai. Shopped for necessary things which needed to keep our body warm. Discussed where to stay at night then finally decided to stay at Harrisons Folly. Started moving towards Harrisons Folly. Panchgani Ghat is really awesome but in nights it’s hell... People drive their vehicles on high beam lights. It’s almost invisible to view corners.  From 3 digits our speed directly dripped to 40-50KMPH speed which is half than normal.  
Reached Harrisons Folly it was too dark and windy so not possible to make camp fire. We just 5 members are there and the Darkness… had a diner, enjoyed a lot. Climate was very cold, no fogs no rains, cold wind was crossing very fast so we decided to start riding at 5:00AM and went to sleep at 3:00AM.
5:00 AM we geared up, I too pulled up a rain jacket. And started riding towards Tapola. Till Mahabaleshwar, Roads was clear, Gray and Misty… We were searching for a Chai Tapari (Tea Stall) to sip tea and get refreshed from last night hangover.. but our bad luck dint find anything.
Tapola was more 20-30KMS Away. So decided to have tea directly at Tapola. Started riding fast towards Tapola. Some misguided directions cost us odd 5-10KMS extra. Got the right direction - thanks to Google Maps. We started riding at correct directions Roads were real awesome mist both side jungle, Ghats awesome curves. Had a tea and moved towards Tapola and finally reached our destination - there it was real good as heard about Tapola
Awesome climate had some fun over there had breakfast, tea, clicked some snaps etc… relaxed for some time which I needed desperately. All village people were staring us. We geared up and decided to go to Panchgani - Waai fata NH4 - Pune. Our last sync point was Waai Fata NH4. Traffic was slow moving from Mahableshwar to Waai. Then we started riding very fast towards NH4. Had tea there Pankaj went back to home (Bhor) with other two. Me and Utsav started riding towards Pune.
The ride was good on highway we were riding at top speed at Khambatki Ghat there is path hole in middle I hitted there at high speed somehow I controlled my bike. Finally reached safely to Pune calculated total 480KMS in this weekend. That was real refreshing rides…

Road Map Pune To Tapola -
Riders:- Utsav Chs, Pankaj Kulkarni, and Me (Rohit Mule)